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7 Jan 2004
;) what can I say....I love Japan...its just a great country. That I wish to one day see.😌 I have this weird love for Fuji-san...I do I don't know what it is but I do. Well what really got me into Japan(and what got most ppl into Japan) Is anime/manga. I love that stuff. It's what dreams are made of. At least mine. ^^ Hot guys, cool stories...yea..you know. Well...lets see. 🙂 what else should I say? I love the color green. ^^👏 Bunnies are cool:clap: LoL I'm a very open person, if you ask me something I will most likely tell you the answer. I'm nice...carring...and have this thing for Asian guys. ^_^:D I also love J/K-pop...it just rules...my fav. Is Two-Mix....White Reflection👍 My fav...anime would be Sailor Moon, cause that anime started it all...really it did for me at least.😄 And if you can't tell ...I love those little faces.. :) They are so cute!! I have a thing for cute things:sorry: Anything else?? Not that I can think of...if you have questions about me...ask.. ^^:p 😌 🙂 😊 🙂
Hey there and welcome aboard, CrystalTear! 🙂

Sounds like you're at the right place... ;)
😊 Who doesn't? :D

Hey, CrystalTear! Welcome! And since you like the cute smilie faces so much, how about a buncha cute ones to welcome you! :p

🙂 👏 🙂 👍 🙂

Have fun here and many laughs!! ;)
Konnichiwa Kuro_Tsubasa69-san!
Welcome and Hajimemashite. I like Two-Mix too.;) Yoroshiku ne.🙂

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