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A TV serie called smth like "revenge of the samurai",about a samurai out for revenge


21 May 2003
hi there,
I am a comics, manga and anime fan from Istanbul, Turkey.
Since childhood i have always liked the oriental way of thinking, even more, loved the concept of honorable samurais, silent assasin ninjas etc. And there was a distinct tv serie that have captured my attention in the early 80's, where a samurai has been tricked/ and condemmed to a prison island, where believed nobody could break free. But our hero does the impossible and escapes from the prison-island, and then the bloodshed starts as he begins to get each and every one of his condemners one by one, with a flower left on their dead bodies as a signature. His name was smth like Skinoske and was wayyy better then the lame Shogun . I wonder if any of you remember this TV serie, I am not sure of the correct title but the concept should give you a pretty clear idea. if you remember and by any chance have the series as a dvd or in divx format, I would really love to know where you have found it. I am in a desperate search, I know its old but hey smthings never age and get old, I believe this is one of those...

thnx for taking your time and reading.. hope I get a response..so take care you all!
Hi all,
I'm also looking for this TV series. I watched it in 90s but forgot their name.does anyone know it?pls help!
thank millions!

I have been searching for this movie for a long time...
It's original name is : Takeda Shingen

Hope that helps
Use GOOGLE to find it , many listed for sale.

Just GOOGLE-------Takeda Shingen DVD ------ and several pop up for around $12 to $15 US.

Good luck

Uncle Frank

I have been searching for this movie for a long time...
It's original name is : Takeda Shingen
Hope that helps

I don't think so.

Takeda Shingen was a famous daimyo in the 16th century; there was no shogun at the time, and he was never sent off to an island anywhere. NHK did a year-long drama (called "Takeda Shingen") about him, but this doesn't sound anything like it.
The story sounds like a Japanized version of Dumas's "The Count of Monte Cristo."

In 1979, NHK had a TV series with the title "Nihon Gankutsuo" (Gankutsuo being the Japanese title for the Dumas adventure novel). The title character was Aoi Tsukinosuke.

Don't have a link in English, but a Wikipedia article in Japanese:
日本巖窟王 - Wikipedia

Hope it helps! 🙂
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