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14 Mar 2002
Masahiko Shizawa of Yokohama is an ardent fan of BS.

Britney Spears seeks restraining order

Pop singer Britney Spears asked Monday to have a restraining order imposed against a 41-year-old Japanese man she claims has been stalking her since September. According to a petition filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Masahiko Shizawa of Yokohama, Japan, has "tracked and attempted to contact" Spears at her home in Los Angeles, as well as at her second residence and one of her parent's homes, both outside California. Those attempts have ranged from sending photos of himself along with notes reading, "I'm chasing you," to showing up at Spears' home and refusing to leave when he was ordered off the property, the complaint alleges. Spears' attorney, Joel Strote, asked to have Shizawa barred from coming within 1,000 feet of the 21-year-old singer and from contacting her in any way.

Source: http://europe.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Music/12/10/britney.spears.stalker.ap/
I personally do not dislike Britney, she has a fabulous voice and well "I would kill for her figure" Lolol. Still, any 21year old girl, famous or not would be a bit wary of a 41year old man stalking her, it's most likely that this man adores her and would never harm her, but you never know until its too late (a chance she would be "crazy" to take). What do you think???
Cultural misunderstanding, lolol!

Japanese man denies stalking Britney

Britney Spears' troubles with an alleged Japanese stalker, accused of sending love notes to the pop princess, are due to a "cultural misunderstanding", according to the man's lawyer.

Spears, 21, is seeking a restraining order against Masahiko Shizawa, 41, of Yokohama, Japan, claiming he had sent her photos of himself and a note saying "I'm chasing you". But Mr Shizawa's lawyer told a brief court hearing that this is all due to a "cultural misunderstanding". "He's a VIP in Japan. He had no intent" to disturb her, lawyer Simon Hiller said, without explaining his remarks.

Source: http://www.itv.com/news/975336.html

Britney 'misunderstood' Japanese fan

Britney Spears "misunderstood" a Japanese fan who she says stalked her, it's been claimed in court. The pop princess asked for a court order stopping Masahiko Shizawa from coming near her, saying he "tracked and attempted to contact" her at her home in Los Angeles.

But his legal team said it was all down to "cultural" differences and Mr Shizawa had never meant to upset her.

=> BBC Newsround | MUSIC | Britney 'misunderstood' Japanese fan

Any news is good news in show biz. :)
You're right. That leaves me with just one problem: who should I stalk?? :D
@ Thomas, hahaha That was brilliant, and by the way, you could try stalking "Pink" she quite colourful, but I don't think she would call for the police, she is more likely to punch a stalker, no go for someone with a little less of a temper hahaha
"Celine Dion" but she might scare you, (heard she's a bit loopy), ahhhh I'll have another think about whos safe!:p 👏
Pink.. isn't she that table-dancing, fist-swingin' young lady? LOL...
I very much dislike Britany Spears but Pink is still much better then her i guess. LOL I didn't know about this whole stalking thing until now.
Yea, pink's not bad. That new song, 4 charlie's angel, was nice. I enjoyed it. Britney spears... bah! I truly loathe her.
Britney Spears and Masahiko Shizawa

Masahiko Shizawa, wherever you are out there, I just just want to
let you know that I really believe that I am equipped to help you out in this
issue that you have with Britney Spears. I believe deep down that it
is very possible that it is really your creator who is leading you to Britney
Spears and of course because of that the world does not
understand it(1 Cor 2:14)(1 Jn 5:19).

Don't mean to preach here, but I myself am in a very
similar situation with a young lady(Jessica M Valencia)
living in Florida. We were close together in high school
and when I was 21 I asked her to marry me. Her boyfriend who was Danny
at that time told me that she said yes as bizarre as this may sound!
I'm wouldn't kid about something like this! But she backed down
and ever since then I have been
accused of stalking her. Tons of letters and three visits to
her home in Florida only to find myself with a police restraint
order out on me barring me from seeing her!

The story is all on my website.

I think that we have a lot in common and can really get some
things done if we put our minds to it . I admire your
courage and your humor to say the least!

It would be nice if we could get together oneday in the near future. I
live near San Francisco California and you would be more than welcome
to visit.

Hope you get this message somehow.

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