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A Special Ideal

And I Bet You'd Like Them To Do Naughty Things!!

More and more, I crave a chat room where a bunch of us can yak it up togeather! I wouldn't wanta referee a
wild bunch like us! Probably be all bleeps and *** !!


Actually we can use animamted avas...not naughty of course that wouldn't be bad but thats beyound the point. But i had some naruto avas that i wanted to use but the size limitations are two small....neeed bigger!
Yeah, I like the chatroom idea too. I think I'm the only team member who likes the idea, though... :?

Once we get the ideal about bigger size animated gifs out of the way i will work on the chatroom. I feel like the governator.

Im going in to negotiate!!!
I'll be back!

hum...is it so hard to create a chatroom on the irc? -_-
**feels a chill run down his spine when he thinks about java**
Its not about its difficulty its more like The admins *want* to put it in and some members[including me] feel that even though its a good ideal, some would miss what happened during the day because they weren't on at the right time. That means some key conversations going on right now you would miss out on if you weren't online right now and we had a chat. :eek:
Yeah, that, and I don't think anyone wants to be responsible for moderating a chatroom.
lol true ^^
beside i don't have the time to be always connected to a chatroom since i'm getting more and more results to analyze...
[Prays one of th admins reads his thread...]
MACIAMO HEAR ME!!! We need bigger sizes for ANIMATED GIFS!!!!! :D
esca you talking about file size or pixel size, i can shrink the pixel size for ya if thats what ya need. which will make the filesize smaller though maybe not small enough, have to see about that.
Maybe this one down then for me.


I couldn't get the one off my little picture/ava/website stock room site *1asphost* somethings wrong with that site. so i put that one down but i want that one.
i cant make it smaller than 9.8k without making it extremely small can make it under 15k without doing much to it though. ill mess with it more later today and see what i can do, its only 80x80 to begin with...

thanks jeisan...but ireally like that one!

[starts dodgeing punches]

awwwwwwwwwww.....don't worry about it. forget it. i will just find somehing else.
Errm ^^ actually as said in my signature i'm re-coloring my av ^^
lol i wanna make one with dark hairs :D
so this cute kitty is temporary
Well, i'm picky...i did pick the cat under micalleanous[spl??]-That thing is hott!!- but i soon got bored and wanted something with "coolness!!!" but the neji dodging punches was too big so i picked this....which is temporary....i'm picky i know it...

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