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A smoke free Japan?


28 Jul 2003
Recently, one of my classmate did a project on the tobacco industry in Japan and it reminded me something that happened to me in Japan that made me felt somewhat disappointed....
I love sushi but being a student, i can only afford to treat myself to sushi at those cheaper places where it is served the conveyor-belt style. Unlike in Singapore where the plates of sushi are covered with plasic, the Japanese do not have such a practice. It irritates me when i see people light up when in the sushi bar because considering the fact that the sushi are not covered and the distance between the sushi and the patrons ain't huge, the sushi will always end up being 'smoked' by the time it reaches me. Worse thing if i'm placed on the 'end' of the line cos imagine how 'concentrated' the level of 'smoke' the sushi would be by the time it reached me should there be more than 1 person who smokes in front of the line. I mean Japanese people always talk about meiwaku (imposing on other people), but doesn't this occur to them as some form of meiwaku as well? It's really irritating in that sense and to see that the owner of the sushi bar actually allows that to happen. Sigh.... Anyone met with similar incidents?
I feel for you. I too don't like others smoking around me. The owner of the sushi bar is in a tight spot. He can't really ask people to stop smoking because they would take it as meiwaku towards them, the customer/guest (and thus semi-sacred) and just go somewhere else. Even if he/she somehow made a reputation as a smoke-free kaitenzushi, there would be a lull in business while word spread. In these economic times, not many want to take that risk.

However, I would be more worried about other things in my fish rather than a light dusting of smoke.
Some places do cover their sushi - perhaps check around until you find one that does. I wouldn't want people smoking on my sushi either....
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