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A Shonene Jump Style New Manga


27 Mar 2004
Hi im new to the forums but a friends said you folks might be interested in this.

The LLX Comic featuring Diamond and Sphinx, the underground Mini Movie Action Comedy Event of paranormal proportions. LLX Comics much like the mega-manga Shonen Jump features several stories per 128 page book. But what separates us from Shonen Jump is our comics are in full color and created and drawn by people from around the world no just Japan. Already the comic is gathering a buzz before even its first issue goes to print. We have gathered the interests of star managers, and special effects artists of big budget films.

Theirs limited slots for advertisement and great rates as well as special deal for comic book artists seeking to piggy back their story on a existing project.

Reply if i've piqued your interest please.

Sample Pages available for interested parties to see what we have to Read.
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