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A Salute to Former PM Bob Hawke

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6 Jan 2007
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Yes, I considered placing this in the China Forum, but after using the search tool I see that this forum also has threads related to China and this is primarily about the leadership that Prime Minister Hawke displayed when he decided to do as he did.

And this came to the front of my brain earlier because of the BBC, which is always the first news folks I go to every morning when I am wondering what happened while I was getting my sleep job done.

Here is that link:

And a highlight of the idea I offered above about leadership is here:

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Mr Hawke later confirmed that he did not consult his cabinet before announcing the decision. He told The Guardian in 2015: "I have a deep love for the Chinese people... when I walked off the dais I was told: 'You cannot do that, prime minister.' I said to them: 'I just did. It is done.'"
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