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a question on "mushin"


9 May 2003
Hallo, again!
Another question I hope you can help me with.
"Mushin, the Zen concept of the transcendent, amoral state".
Anyone can re-direct me to an online text where I can read more about it? Or maybe you can tell me anything about it?
Looking forward to an answer, bye! Irena
Try the following link. Mushin is very big in the martial arts. However, that is not all there is to it.

"In this state of consciousness the mind of the warrior abides at no certain definite point but flows from one object to another. He is able to anticipate his opponent's next move instinctively and intuitively and to move his weapon, no matter what its nature, simultaneously to meet his opponent's move, both to block it and to retaliate at the identical point of the attack. This point of the blocking of an attack and its simultaneous reprisal or counter-attack is the stopping-point of the practitioner's mind, the place where his consciousness abides."


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