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9 Dec 2003
Does anyone know what a 17 year old japanese girl would like too have as a presentl... and plzz don't say anything about any branded bags or stuff like that,,, a 16 year old guy like me just can't afford it ^^....
a large heartshaped teddy with arms that says "hug me" or some ****..

apparently it's "cute" :valentine
Mail her a bunch of American-branded junk food for many of them aren't carried in Japan. Teenage girls like snacks a lot. Even if Japanese snacks may taste better, a lot of Japanese people like to try stuff form the United States. :devilish:

where you live. I give my pen pals anything about where I live. Places like bus stations and airports and train stations give away free brochures for tourists. I take those and free newspapers on local events and make a giant package about where I live for very little money.
Sometimes I get a hat from the local sports team or t-shirt that has my towns name & the teams logo on it. All these things ar echeap but real cool to a person from another country!

It may be a little late in the year, but send her a nice picture calendar from your country. It is cheap, postage is cheap, and they always love it.
"Buntaro".. when i see that name i think of the guy from the book Shogun.. great book.. buntaro is a nasty f*ck in it tho.. beats his woman like crazy... can shoot arrows like the devil tho..
hehe i bought a nice scarf too her,, but i havent given it too her yet...
John Percival said:
brand scarfs.. really, it's just a piece of cloth

Well... it's a fact that a lot of Yamato-nadeshikos only wear brand names. They are the garus of designer labels. For me, I always try to give presents which will be used by the receivers, even though I know that most people will still politely accept presents that they will never use. But what's the point of giving out a present if it won't be used? To attract dust? Japanese people don't have a lot of space at home. To burden them with more junk is the last thing I would do. :smoke: Besides, Yamato-nadeshiko's smile is so sweet and so cute (even with crooked teeth), it worths every single penny... 😍
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