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12 May 2003
Hi guys,

I don't know if any of you is particularly interested in poetry. I found this poem and thought to share it with you.

"None dies whose heart by love is everliving
The clear proof of this the world archives are giving".
Master Hafez, 7th century Persian poet


This Verses are very beautifull and deep.
I love Persian Poetry, especial the classic kind.

Been Italian, i can appreciate any classic: Canto, Epics and Poetry.

Thank you for shering Aryobarzan.

Peace and love be with you.

Hi there Cathy!

You're most welcome,

I am glad that you liked the poem. I'll try to share more. Our both cultures have a lot in common, and we just like any other nations, hold good values together. I love your culture as well, but when it comes to your poetry, I never had a chance to learn one.

May peace be with you,

I also know a poem, my friend:

Kimi ni o take
yoko mono misen

(You make fire,
Let me show you also something beautiful
A ball of snow.)

Well, that's my favourite haiku.
It was written by Basho Matsuo

I hope you like it.

May peace and honour be with you on your way!

Mata ne!
Hi Blued Eye samuari

What a beautiful poem.

Could you tell me what 'haiku" means here?


Konban wa Aryobarzan-san!

A " Haiku" is a Japanese form of poetry.
Although Haiku's can describe almost anything, they usually describe everyday situations, but let the reader of the poem look at the situation from a new perspective.

Here are some more:

An old pond!
A frog jumps in-
The sound of water.

The first soft snow!
Enough to bend the leaves
Of the jonquil low.

In the cicada's cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die.

No one travels
Along this way but I,
This autumn evening.

These are also made by Basho Matsuo.
But it is very easy to create your own.
Just try to describe what you see and feel in one moment.

I hope you like them!

Mata ne!
Konban wa Blued ES & Thomas san!

Thanks for your inputs.

Yes I do like them. Don't mind me for asking, are these contemporary poems?

Also, thank you Thomas for your additional information.

Hello blueEyedSamurai,

i like to thank you for introducing me to Japanese Poetry.

Yes! Your verses are my very first reading of any Japanese Poetry.

I enjoyed reading both of the verses you posted. I copied and pasted, for future reading.

Thank you so very much!

Please post others as you have the opportunity.

Peace and love to you and yours.


Hello Thomas,

thank you for the link, i will have better idea how the poem is written in Japanese way.

Peace be with you and your beautifull wife.

Konnichi wa my friends,

Thomas was absolutely right about the syllables, but I like to add that it is very difficult to maintain that in eigo. I mean, in English.

Oh yes, Cathy-san, doitashimash'te! (You are welcome!)

May your honour guide all of you on your travels.

Mata ne!
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