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A penpal project to share Japanese culture and language

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7 Apr 2017
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Hi everyone, this is Warren from Hong Kong!

Writing on paper has always been an important daily habit for me. I have started a penpalling project recently, so more people can enjoy the fun of writing to each other again.

I have a background in tech and the first step of the project involves creating a chatbot that makes penpals matching convenient, safe and fun. Building a chatbot allows me to test the concept quickly and get early feedbacks, before moving to something big and time-consuming like creating an app. I have already started the development in my free time and expect the first version to be out after two weeks.

I remember a moment when I first met a Japanese classmate during my time studying abroad. We spent a lot of time together, learning and sharing our cultures & languages. We have become really good friends since then, even though we are now in different parts of the world. This gives me an inspiration of promoting penpalling for Japanese cultural/language exchange during this very early stage of the project.

If you are keen in learning the Japanese culture/language through penpalling, or you are a Japanese who wants to share your words with international friends, I would really love to invite you to be part of this community. If you are happy to be an early user and help try out the penpals matching tool when it is out in two weeks, please let me know by leaving a comment here or send me a PM on Facebook/Instagram. The early support and feedbacks will be very useful in helping me move forward.

Even if you have no interest at this point, I still encourage you to follow my pages:

Pen Jamming - 首页 | Facebook

Penpals Match (@penpals.match) • Instagram photos and videos

I have just started keeping a handwritten journal there to share my thoughts and progress on this project. Hopefully with more supporting information, you will be interested at some points. Please share your thoughts and ask me anything. Happy pen jamming ;)
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