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9 Apr 2003

Although I have my own opinions, I think it is important that everyone express theirs and communicate with others! I have spent a long time trying to look for a way to really get people to discuss things constructively and really make people's voices heard.

I am a Developer, and my latest invention is The Awareness Democratic Forum!

This system tries to reflect true democracy and tries to make fruitless discussion fruitful.

Please take a good look at the site and especially read the "AboutTheSite" section. Please tell me what you think of it. Please contact me if you wish to be involved in any way!!

Website: Awareness Democratic Forum


Interesting concept and I commend you for your conviction. Looks like it could be promising although I suspect that such a forum will have to be heavily moderated as many of the topics at hand are sensitive and controversial in nature. As a result, heated debates may end up proving a hindrance to getting any ammendments ratified by a consensus so to speak (I may be unclear on the actual process here though, not sure). At any rate, I like what you've done so far. :cool:
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