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A new gaming console by chipset makers VIA?


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28 Mar 2003
Consumer Electronics Show 2004 Day 2 - VIA's new Gaming Console

I wonder how well another PC based gaming console will do in the market that is already swamped with PS2s, Gamecubes, and the similar XBox platform... although it's fairly interesting with VIA launching its' own Processor and GPU along with its' chipsets.

the ApeXtreme is essentially a PC, and neither Apex nor VIA apparently had much desire to mask it. On the motherboard there are three major chips - the VIA C3 processor, the CM400 North Bridge, and the VIA DeltaChrome S8 GPU. The CM400 North Bridge supports up to DDR400 memory, although Apex will determine whether they will use DDR333 or DDR400 memory in the shipping product. The CM400 also features a 200MHz FSB connection to the C3 processor, offering 1.6GB/s of bandwidth between the CPU and North Bridge.
Feral-Darkness said:
Well via makes REAL nice chip sets, I have loved em.

On the bad side, I don't buy consols. Rather play doom 2 on my PDA =0
via has horribel chipsets, the KTxxx series was awful. they only have one good chipset, the K8T800, which will soon be outperformed byt eh nVidia nForce 250 GB, because the via only has an 800mhz hypertransport system bus, while the nVidia has a 1 ghz hypertransport system bus.
playaa said:
nVidia rocks.. :)
well their FX series was really bad, due to the fact that it had 16 and 32 stage direct x 9 pipelines, while the ATI cards had a 24 stage. 16 wasnt enough, and 32 was too much, so the fx cards had horrible directx9 performance. the GF4 TI's were great though, and the Geforce 6800 is shaping up to be a great card, although we wont know for sure until we see some ati radeon x800 benchmarks.
Yes, nVidia rocks, but I am an ATI user at heart. So none the less its a great competition.

EDIT: Also agreed that the earlier GeForce's were not so hot.

BUT Back in the day I used a Voodoo :sorry:
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