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A name in kanji


15 May 2003
I need to know if is possuible to write the name INGA in kanji.

I'ld like to know the meaning too of kanji translation of the name.

the file attached below is something written to me by a friend.

He said to me that the two symobls are the translation of the name INGa and the meaning is something like "destiny"

Thx u all for the help
I forgot to send the images.


  • kanji destiny.jpg
    kanji destiny.jpg
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Originally posted by Elizabeth
Maybe more like "cause (=in) and effect" (=ga) or fate than destiny.

But the two kanji was written good???

It's important 'cause i wanna use them as a tattoo to don't forget the girl named INGA...

Thx a lot for the help:sorry: 🙂
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And there is another way to write in kanji the name, or sound INGA.

Nad the kanji results will have a meaning???
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