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A movement by a web site for "Against the war"

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2 Dec 2002
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I'd like to introduce you a Japanese site which begun a movement "Against the war"
RealTokyo has begun a project whose name is "ONWAR Project"
This site usually provides Cultural and artistic informations at Tokyo and so on.
And I'd like to announce it to non Japanese people.
I hope you are interested in it and participate it if you want.

Citation from the site
So, the war has begun. Nevertheless, we continue our campaign linking up
websites around the world in order to create a platform to discuss matters of war. Participating sites are absolutely free in the choice of the kind of their contribution, and the connection would be a loose one that consists only of links set up among the participating sites, indicated by an icon we'd distribute to them. There won't be such exaggerated actions as issuing common statements. Sites that have announced their participation are listed below.

Best regards
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