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a misplaced 例の?

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4 Apr 2014
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The way it is written in the screenshot makes me think of it as a bad grammar (i.e. 例のリナ "the mentioned Lina" instead of 例のニュース "the mentioned news") I should add that シード and リナ are friends and are introduced long before, so there is no way 例の modifies Lina. So shouldn't it be リナが言っていた例のニュース instead?
It's not really "bad grammar", it's simply a case of 例の being used to modify the entire noun phrase rather than just ニュース.

Think of it as 例の(リナが言っていたニュース).
Rather than "the aforementioned news (that Lina was talking about)", the nuance becomes "the aforementioned (news that Lina was talking about)".

A cursory Google search will turn up plenty of similar examples used by native speakers "in the wild"::


It may be more clear or prescriptively correct to put the 例の directly in front of the noun it's explicitly modifying, but it's hardly grammatically incorrect or confusing as is.
Thank you for explaining what's going on there and providing more examples! Now i won't hesitate modifying noun phrases that way myself.
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