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A lot of questions about Japan

13 Aug 2012
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Konnichiwa! I'm new and wonder many things.

1. What are general styles of humor in Nippon? I watch lots of anime with 4th wall breaking so that got me curious as to what stand up comedy and plays have for laughs.

2. Due to a scary incident when I was little, I grew up what some may call an "anti-pervert," so I wonder if there are males in Japan that are fed up with the stereotype as well.

3. I am curious as to what some taboo or off-color subjects are so I know what not to say if I visit Japan. I know the A-Bomb is one and a horrible case in the 1960s made incest a bad subject. Any others?

4. Often when I research media of movies or games, the bloody ones get a more mature content rating than here in America, yet some are given lower ratings. What are these questionable violent acts that are sensitive for TV and media?
24 Jun 2012
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1. Humour is base and slapstick mostly - some wordplay, but you need very good Japanese to get that

2. everybody is different

3. Lots of things

4. The media is owned by organised national syndicates
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