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A little music trivia here. why ToTo ?

Hehe, another jiji question...

Toto, isn't that a dog in the "Wizard of Oz"?
ugh ... they're a band silly.

Rosana, Africa were too big hits when Rocky 3 was showing at the theaters ;)

yep, so it's a jiji question.

Thomas was right about the answer though.

This is from TOTO's official website: Jeff suggests the name "TOTO" after having watched The Wizard of Oz on TV, not to name the band after the dog, but as a name that's easy to pronounce and remember. Coincidentally, "toto" in Latin means "all encompassing", so it is an accurate name for a band who wants to do all kinds of musical styles.
hmmm ... the urband legend in Japan has it that ToTo (the Band not the dog) was very fond on Japan. They spent many tours here apparently.

They named themselves after the "toilet company" in appreciation of Japan.

Gee, would you put on your site, we decided on "Toto" while taking a leek in roppongi ??? not ! That's for sure.

hmmm, now I wonder which is it? The dog or the Toilets?

lolol my husbands still at work, but when he returns i'll just have to ask him the question lolol, I do hope its not named after the toilets lol
Took the pic in my mother-in-law's former apartment (gaijin pic, isn't it?). Everything's more or less automtic, just take care the water's not too hot, ouch...


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Woah! Neat-o. This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the family took a vacation to Japan and Homer got into some trouble with a Japanese toilet full of gadgets. :)
Doh, that Simpson episode is an insult to Japan, from the beginning to the end.

I just remember Homer hurling the tenno out of the sumo circle.
Haha yea and their hotel being right by the Hello Kitty! factory. You can't forget their experience on the Japanese game show..
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