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A little help request- Popularity of VK abroad


12 Aug 2008
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Hi everybody, I have a little request and I need your cooperation. In september
there will be an anime- fantasy convention in my country SLovakia (Comics-salon)
and Iツ´ll be giving a lecture on VK. As a part of it I would like to do a survey,
which VK bands and artists are popular abroad, and there is where you come in.
Please, if you could answer a few questions, I would really appreciate it:
the questions are as follows:
1. Please list three or four of your most favourite VK bands, and reason
why (please note, Gackt as solo performer, Lツ´arc en ciel, Glay etc. are not VK, they are Jrock- Jpop,
hence not relevant for my topic; you can write disbanded bands as well)
2. Please list three or four of your most favourite VK artist (and that
regardless if you like the music they make)
my answer would be:
1. a) Fatima- because I love their music, they were very original, and they
had great costumes and amazing stage performance- including Fanservice
b) Deadman- I love the vocals of Mako and the guitars, as well I love
their PVツ´s
c) MUCC- Tatsurouツ´s voice is love and their music makes me feel great
2. a) Uruha- his thighs first of all, lips, face, goofiness and a total
oposite of actin on the stage and in backstage...and guitar skills
b) Miyavi- in his Due le quartz days and first two solo albums- I still
think he is the most beautiful being on earth (regardless of the gender)
and I love his electric guitar play
c) Ruki and Kyo from Diru (his VK days): well, I have a small guys fetish (blush)
and Kyo used to have the most genial and perfect make-up
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