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A little belated "HI"


9 Jun 2003
Hi Everyone!

I'm a Korean who lives in Korea(duh!) which is right next to Japan. Since Japan is so close to my country, I got interested in it from the very early stage of my life. All most all t.v animations I enjoyed watching when I was in kindergarten and elementary school were Japanese, and many comic books I read today are also Japanese. Though I don't get that much chance to listen to J-pop music('casue of the government's policy), I hope onday I can easily reach to it. Anyway, besides my interest in ultra modern Japanese popular culture, I'm also intrigued by traditions of Japan like "city of kyoto ", "keisha", "kimono" and most of all "ukiyoe".

I lived in Clausthal and Bonn (Both in Germany) for four years and I had a very good Japanese friend there, named Nayuki. He really was a nice guy and I guess from then, I started to think more comfortable about Japan, a neighbor which won both contempt and favor from Koreans.

Anyway I hope I learn many new and old things about Japan from this website, and hope to make many new good friends too!:D

Bye. from Seoul😊
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