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Meiji Lythtis

3 Oct 2003
Hi... Well I've already posted in [Admin Contact thread] but I haven't gotten enough answers, so i decided to post directly over here, sorry

I'd like to add a link to Japan Reference's forum since my website I almost released. If you agree I'd like to ask you some questions about the forum.

These are the questions:

1. I can see the number of members in the forum's homepage, but I'd like to know the growing percent it has.
2. The date when the forum began, and,
3. The host country (where the forum owners are from)

Thomas is still in Japan atm and I believe that only he (with the possible exception of Twisted) is the only one who can answer that for you. Please be patient until he returns, thnx.
this should answer 2 of your questions...
Japanese culture, language, history, and travel
there is a thread on the orign of the forum on here somewhere i cant find it right now though...

and the forum has grown roughly 450% since febuary, i cant give more detail than that, thomas or twisted may have the actual figures....
Sorry for he late reply!

In regard to your questions:

1. If you click the "Members" link in the top menu you will see an option "Sort by Date Joined" which should give you an idea of how many members join per day. Unfortunately, I do not have any detailed stats at hand.

2. The forum is basically up and running since 2000, but had only slight traffic and few members prior to upgrading to vBulletin in March 2002.

3. Jref.com is hosted in the U.S. I`m from Austria and currently reside in Tokyo.

Hope that answered your questions. ;)
Thanx a lot Thomas, Jeisan and Iron Chef... I think it's enough with the answers you have given me ..

Thank you... 🙂
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