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A Great Site of Japanese Children Stories to Study


7 Sep 2003
Let me give you one great site I found after searching and searching the net.
Beginners (like me) can improve there reading skills in reading the easy-to-read stories

I'm very happy to find such a site 🤩

Japanese Stories

If you have similar sites put the links in here o-negai shimasu

Coooool!!!! thankyou!! I've been looking for something like this so i can start to learn hiragana..i've been half heartidly trying to translate some of the insleeves from my japanese Dreamcast games!! :D i always get stumped with the kanji characters.

Ace! Ace! Ace!

For the intermediate-advanced students: TBS News Japan

There are Japanese newscasts and a script accompanying it which usually has word-for-word what the anchorman is saying. Try to find videos where there's a person speaking (like the Prime Minister) because they'll always have a script of what he's saying and there are subtitles in Japanese while he's talking. The newscasts are also updated as many as half a dozen times an hour.

However, the scripts are somewhat Kanji heavy but shouldn't be too hard if you have a decent knowledge of Kanji or a good Kanji dictionary :)

Good Translator for Kanji, especially political terms or otherwise.

Thank you minna-san

Post all cool sites you find about Japanese easy-to-read children stories o-negai shimasu
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