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a good companion for Japanese learners - Digital Dictionary


7 Oct 2003
I am also a Japanese learner. I would like to share with other learners that a Japanese Digital Dictionary will improve your skill much faster! Please visit jp-ap.com.hk --> Digital Dictionary and click on the photo for a detail description. I found it amazingly useful for my study!
Yes I agree, a digital dictionary is very useful for japanese language students, and for anyone visiting japan. If you don't know japanese at all, you can survive in japan with a Canon Wordtank.

I use the Canon Wordtank IDF-3000 , its kind of old but its still one of the best out there. I recommend this for beginners.

You can buy Canon Wordtank now at:

But if a digital dictionary is out of your budget.
Get "Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary: A Compact Character Dictionary for Students and Professionals"

It has the 1,945 common Kanji in a compact dictionary. Excellent for students.
Works Both Ways Too !

Many of the Japanese students here in Maine use the English version to help them get along.

Why spend money on another expensive gadget when you can do all of this and more on your mobile phone.


About TangoTown

is a full learning and reference site with over 15,000 kanji to lookup or practice with quiz games and flashcards.

This costs \300 per month subscription for unlimited use and daily lessons.

Available on all three Japanese mobile phone networks - i-mode, vodafone (J-Phone) and EZweb
To throw my two cents in:

I use Walking JE Dictionary on my PALM device. The URL is


I use it on my way to work to read my daily portion of manga pictures. The price is $20 at Palmgear.


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