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a forced greeting


23 Jul 2003
hi everyone,

a sick-looking, bandaged-up fellow from admin asked me to introduce myself, and since i'm already frightened of him, i'm going to do what he says.

i am sonzabird. i am canadian. i lived in korea for 2 1/2 yrs and managed to visit thailand and the philippines before a fine filipina ensnared me with her heart. we have a sweet two-yr-old girl now.

unfortunately, i never did get to visit japan or anywhere else. once i met my wife, that was it. every vacation to the philippines. c'est la vie...

i currently reside in montreal and order lots of asian horror movies off ebay so my wife can get her fix. i constantly read about wwii, in particular the eastern front, better known as the great patriotic war to the russians.

although i'm of irish/scottish stock, i'm 8th generation canadian and so that's about as canadian as you can get.

glad to meet you all. hope to have some fun...
hiya sonzabird welcome to the forum. our admin isnt all scary his picture is a smoke and mirrors thing, quasi "wizard of oz" if you will. just dont ever, evereverever dis his smilies. :p
The admin was indeed looking sick, down with a summer flu.

Anyhow, no need to be frightened and welcome aboard! 🙂
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