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***A foolish love for Manga*** Please read, I need opinions ^_^()


5 Jan 2004
Hello Everyone! ;)
My name is Veronica (but you can call me Mako:)) anyway...I have a dream in life to become a Manga artist, and I know what your thinking, "so do millions of other anime/manga freaks as well!"

But I'm REALLY serious about it, REALLY REALLY!😄
I practice all the time drawing and coming up with story ideas. I find my drawing better then most drawings you find being sold at anime conventions, many people have told me my work is almost professional. 😏Story-wise people love them, always wanting to know what happens next. (and yes I asked more than my friends to evaluate it, people I know would say the truth :p )

Ofcourse if I want to work in Japan I gotta speak and read the lingo as if I was born and raised there. This is my second year in Japanese and I'm in the top of my class, president of the Japanese club at my school and have already won a 2nd place award for the Florida State Japanese Speach competition when I was in level one (and the guy who beat me was in lv 4). 👏 It's cuz my pronunciation and enthusiatic speach was kick ***! There is more but I think you pl are getting bored of my ranting, but my question is do you think I have a chance? I know it's possible...but do you think I have a chance?😊
The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. If you believe in yourself and are will to do whatever it takes to achieve your dream, then anything is possible!
While I agree with everyone else that you shouldn't limit yourself and you should definitely try pursuing a life as a mangaka if that is what would make you happy, I'll present the more realistic situation...

Your best shot at success would probably be as an American mangaka rather than actually trying to go to Japan... here, the market isn't as flooded. You should be aware that even with the HUGE amount of manga published in Japan, that only represents a very small fraction of the active amateur artists there. It is a major industry with an obvious draw, so keep in mind that for every one artist working for an established publisher, there could be as many as one THOUSAND artists trying to do what you'd like to do and "break in" to the industry.

I assume you've seen pictures taken at the Comic Market in Japan... those are the ones waiting to "break in", and stories of those people actually making it are very rare (CLAMP is probably the most well-known). You'd probably achieve something tremendous to become a somewhat well-known amateur artist producing "dojinshi"... I'm not saying don't try it, but more to be aware of what you're up against. It's a daunting task for a native resident of Japan to become a successful mangaka... for a gaijin, I'd imagine it would be even more difficult.

You should also think about who you'd like to write for... if you're thinking about your friends, then really you should consider being a mangaka right here at home. With the popularity of manga in the USA, there's obviously a market always ready to read more... and the very best of authors write from personal experiences. Your take on things will probably ring most true with people who have those experiences in common... the independent press is a vibrant place to be, and you can even try your hand self-publishing and selling your work at your local comic book store. The one in my hometown features at least a dozen titles by local artists, some in the manga style...

Like I said, your best bet is to think positively but realistically... Japan already has plenty of voices in manga. What I think would be neat is to see some people take the best of the manga form and tell some unique stories from the experiences in their countries... America IMHO has a fairly stagnant comic landscape, and could use fresh new voices to create an American manga utopia!


thats great!- you got me interested- is it possible to give us some links to a page w your artwork or could you post some pics? :)

kore kara mo ganbatte ne- itsuka kimi no magna wo yomu no ga tanoshimi ni shite imasu yo!

never give up!
I don't have a scanner 😭(well I used to have one but it broke) so I can't post anythinhg, but I've been looking into buying one, I hope I can post my pics up, I'll make sure to let all of you know 👍

and I know, I'm very aware that I can make it in the American market, but I really don't like "american-style" anime (like Teen titans, or Totally spies), I don't like to limit myself, I know that I can get a better manga education in Japan and expess myself better, so that's what I'm striving for :angryfire

I'm trying to learn everything I can about Japan, sound effects, sayings, Japanese way of life, myths, etc, so that I can write my work to Japanese standards 🙂It's the same as if you showed a american who doesn't know anything about Japan and then watched "Furi Kuri"!:mad:

Hope I can make it
I like your enthusiasm. That said, you have to be careful not to burn your bridges. If you don't want to write in what you call the 'American-style', then don't. You could write in a Japanese-style (or whatever style; you might be better off creating your own style) manga in America. There's a huge market there, and maybe many more who would appreciate your talents as well, not to mention the better opportunities to actually land a gig.

You say you don't want to limit yourself, but if you try to follow a path that only exists in your mind (i.e. completely unrealistic), you'll be doing a great deal more than limiting yourself: you might be dooming yourself to failure.

I only say this because I really do wish you well, and unfortunately, blind optimism alone won't take you where you wish to go.

My opinion

It is possible, I know it is! There are two (that I know of) Manga artist, IN JAPAN, who are American working and living there, following their dreams 😏 So it is possible, but attitude like that wont get me there. And what I mean by limits, is the way things are drawn, I use language, viloence and suttle nudity (artistically of course, nothing you wouldn't find on Inu Yasha! lol):p In America I could'nt use that! To my taste, everything I would like to draw and create is allowed in Japan, not all is allowed in America. :auch:
Tell me what American cartoon you've seen that has nudity, homosexuality, language, bloody violence and more. Tastefully done of course (not like south park lol) and on a channel everyone can see (basic cable).😲
I'm not saying I'm going to use all of this, but I don't want to be limited.
Yup, go for it, Mako!! ^^ Good luck! I love to draw too, the difference is, I don't have time! T-T but I guess that's kinda normal...
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