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a few questions

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15 Mar 2002
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first off i love these lil' guys >:p 😄 ;) 👏

secondly i have a few questions and this looks like the place to ask them [please ignore any really bad spelling or grammer]

1) Ive seen that the kids in japan used these messenger bag looking things is that the standard [like the backpack in the us]? if so wear could one obtain one of these?

2) i herd that their are collages or schools wear you can study japanese animation , i herd that there's one in canada is that true?

3) im confused to the meaning of the word "domo" is it a hello or a thank you or a sorry?

4) im realllllly looking hard for a tape of modern day japan basicly a tour around the country ,somthing you'ed see on the discovery or travel channle anyone know of any?

tanx if you can help:p
is this the same jinnai from DD. if so then this is Hitokiri Battousai3
oh yeah, welcome to the board

2) Starting April 2003, the Youth Education Program at the College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn, IL) will offer classes on basic and advanced anime/manga art techniques. Both classes will begin the week April 21 and consist of six two-hour sessions, held each saturday. The cost for each is $100, and additional information is available here.
Maybe Jinnai is El-Hazard? Anyway...

1. As for the bags, Are you talking about the school bags illustrated here?


or pouch bags worn slung across one shoulder and tied across the chest cyclist style?

If you're talking about the latter, it's more of a teenage to adult fashion in Japan, but I'm certain that you can lay your hands on one in any good sporting bag store in the US. (There are Mont Bell and the North Face bags like this, so...)

3. "Domo" is one of the more confusing words in Japanese. Depending on the situation and inflexion, it can mean:

Thank you
Nice to meet you
Good morning/afternoon/evening

If used with "sumimasen deshita" ("domo, sumimasen deshita"), it usually means "thank you and sorry for the trouble". It never means "sorry" by itself, as far as I know.

4. Have you tried your local library or book shop? Or even Amazon.com? Barnes and Noble Online?
i wasn't talking about El Hazard, because i knew that. what i was asking was if he was from another board with the intitials DD
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