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a dream of mine!


29 Dec 2003
hi all !

ive got a dream and im going to follow it to the best i can, i want to work on Special effects in Japan.

if you go to my foto gallerie you'll see a pic of my first big piece of work, a demon head thingy but i would really like to aim to hit the movies of japan.

this is a dream and im not sure how many poeple think i should go for this or if i should'nt try. im studying special effects so my work will get better and better and im looking into finding a japanese part time course so i can start to pick up the language too.

if anyone in japan knows of any film studios that would be kool too, if i could get there emails adresses or postal adresses so i can contact them or if anyone knows of a london based japanese language course that isnt so expensive it would be nice to know that imfo too!

im really excited that im going to persue this but i know it will be hard!
Ahh good, always follow your dreams :)

You'll find most jobs by going to Japan, making friends, and looking around..Connections are very important. Also, you'll need to be virtually fluent in Japanese. Because one of the questions that will be racing through your potential boss' head will be "What can this person offer me that a native Japanese can't?". Clearly, being a "master" of the language will skyrocket you.

There isn't anything worth doing that isn't hard to do, so good luck 👏

P.S. Cool demon head! :devilish:
Are you familiar with Screaming Mad George? He's a special effects master/concept design artist who was born and raised in Osaka but went on to form his own SFX studio and continues to work both in the U.S. and Japan. He's worked on everything from music videos for KoRn, Eminem, and Missy Elliot to doing the FX for movies like Poltergeist 2, Big Trouble In Little China, Nightmare On Elm Street 4,The Guyver, the Re-Animator movies, and most recently Minority Report. His website can be found below. You should drop him a line and see if maybe he'll give you some pointers on how to further your career.

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[email protected] (contact)
Wish i could give some advice, but I'll definatly encourage you! ALWAYS follow your dreams!
thanx alot iron chef and im so hapy people are supporting me as much as they can, I LOVE THIS FORUM! 😄

well ive been looking into a school where i can learn japanese, ive tried it before and im pritty okish with languages so i should get to grips with it, i think and i knew that i would need good japanese to get into japan!

as for the SFX artist i think ive come across his name before but i will drop him a line with some of my pics too and see what hes got to say, ill PM u Iron Chef when it happens and his reply!

well im gona live the dream!! right Ichiro!

Be careful listening to that follow your dreams crap. If you dont look where the road of your dreams is taking you, you may end up head first in a brick wall.

Why not follow a map of goals that leads to your dreams, instead of mindlessly just running after them, eh?
The demon head you've done looks wicked!! for some reason i was thinking you wanted to do computer effects for films. doh. That demon 'bust' looks ace! nice one dude! 🙂


thanx alot Porl and thanx Winter, i know what your talking about, i got this big goal but i know there is so many little goals to acomplish before i get to japan and i think ive got it sorted out and i need ALOT of hard work!

so far everyone has been supportive but i know this is something that will take me atleast 2 maybe 3 years minimum but i know that will go fast, like the 3 years at uni ive had so far!!

as for Screaming Mad George, im still going to contact him but ive been told that his effects aint as good as others out there but i think his oppinion is still important so when i got atleast my next piece finished in a months time ill email him and see what he says (if he gives me the time of day!)

as for my demon piece if you want to cheak out better pics i got a MSN forum so have a look at that and tell me what you think, my pics are under the name Specialneedsmonkey, thats also my MSN screen name if anyone wants to chat to me on MSN! 😄

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keep posting you guys, any advice on reaching Japan would be great!! 👍
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