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25 Aug 2019
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One of the most satisfying activities for a musically-inclined man is to sing deep bass melodies. In my youth I played in rock and pop bands - keyboards and guitar - and also did backing vocals. However, this invariably required me to shriek at the top of my range and volume given the repertoire, and this is pretty much a given with nearly all modern music.

The only real options for bass singing are opera (hate it) some traditional, barbershop (if you can keep a straight face) and a very few odds and sods.

There are things like Flash and the Pan's "Down among the dead men", but one that I've always liked is "Leave it!" by Yes. This starts off with choral four-part harmony, then moves into typical high-powered Yes rock, but keeping the bass line.

Modern male singing seems to be all shrieking pretty boys, at least in rock and pop. Of course, I have very broad musical tastes. I like BOTH kinds of music: country AND western, but it seems to be the same there.

How is it in Japanese music?
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