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A Clockwork Orange


9 Aug 2003
I've only recently been able to watch this film, and I thought it was brilliant... anyone else like it?
It's some years ago that I've seen it, but I remember being really impressed by it :) There seem to be many people having the same opinion since I've seen parts of it repeated in other tv series.
I finally saw it in full, a few months back and I liked it.. One of the best acting parts by Malcom McDowell I've seen in years.

I like Kubrick's films anyway. Space Odyssey 2001 is definetly one of my big favourites...it's amazing.

But Clockwork Orange is brilliant too, because it has an affect on me. I hate the violence that's in it, but at the same time the film has some kind of a hook that just makes me watch it. I love the atmosphere and the visual things in it. I just wish there was a costume party or something where I could go and make myself look like the "hero" of the Orange (can't remember the name...shame on me..) ;)
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