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A Black Sword on your passport = Deportation and banned from Japan??


16 Jun 2002

When I first got into studying Japanese and Japan way back in 93' one huge urban-myth I heard about was if you cause trouble in Japan you get a black sword stamped on your passport which will after leaving or being forced to leave will prevent you from returning into the country. Now I know they have rules and regulations, bans on entry and such but what I want to know is if the myth of the black sword is true, if anyone else has ever heard about it and if so then what are some good brand-name ink removers?


If there is some kind of blacklist for troublemakers, it will probably only come up if 1) you apply for a visa of any kind and they check your past travel history to Japan and 2) if Japanese customs ever goes computerized for all travelers (not just ones with special visas). Also, loosing your passport won't help. It would be silly to have a system where all the person has to do to avoid being punished is loose a slip of paper in their possession. It be like giving a felon his criminal record and saying "be nice and don't lose this so when we arrest you again everything will go smoothly."

In the US, my passport goes though their little scanner each time I go through customs, but in Japan, I think they are still on a stamp basis for foreigners.

I haven't heard of some black sword stamp. Seems quite silly to me. Also, the fastest way to loose passport privledges for the rest of your earthly existance is to mess around with the stuff stamped inside.
Do you think it's just some kind of urban myth thats supposed to make foreigners be on their best behaviour or what?

I mean I searched for it online but it dosen't seem like there is any documentation on it ever happening or even anyone talking about it so I'm wondering how the various people who have mentioned it in the past heard about it and why something that does sound so silly was even spread around in the first place as something that was told to me in a serious manner.


I really don t know someone who got a black stamp.
i know if you got a BS on your passport, you re bannished from japan for next 5 years, after that, you ll be able to return there, but depending on what kind of crime you did, maibe, never see japan again.

a good ink eraser, or lost passport and getting a newer does not change anything, they keep data in computers and other.
that all i know about black stamp
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