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A bit about Shintoism


15 Apr 2002
You know the red arches in front of shrines and also the religion mentioned in Maciamo's thread, but really what is it all about?

Is it that dangerous that it can rouse a nation to war?

lol .. no way.

Shinto is basically a type of shamanism. If you're familar with Native Americans Indians then you already have a head start.

shinto is basically a religion concerning the living. If you're not married in a church then you get married by a shinto priest.

Shinto believes strongly in spirits that are in everything and live any where that you can imagine.

Mountain, rivers, trees, rocks, kitchens, roofs, there really many different kinds of shinto spirits.

Shinto doesn't normally need special prayers or services outside of simple offerings of food and drink to what ever local/home spirit that you wish to be your patron.

There are of course official ceremonies like I mentioned above for weddings, exorcisms, and for blessing of construction sites.

Shinto was given a bad name during WWII because military in Japan choose the most Japanese religion they could find and that one that tied directly to the Emperor in order to strengthen his name for their plans and usage.

It's a bit difficult to explain this since I grew up with Seneca Indians in Western New York and have since kindergarten heard and learned stories so that when I first read about shinto I was like "oh? that's it?"

It's noting really exciting except for when you see the priest in ceremonial garments doing battle with a malevolent spirit :box:

Check out maciamo's thread about the style and types of shrines. I was just trying to fill in a bit about the gap in understanding this religiion.

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