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a bit about Buddhism


15 Apr 2002
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once again check maciamo's thread for more details relating to Buddhist temples.

I'm not a buddhist but I have practiced a bit before while in college so I'm sure there might be a few mistakes in this.

Buddhism is a off shoot of yoga (not sure ??) that was discovered by a young prince who was destined to be a great ruler of his father's kingdom or a great spiritual leader of the world. needless to say, the prince felt sorry for the people of his kingdom and gave up the way of worldly ways and accepted the path to reach nirvana/satori.

There are many styles of buddhism low,middle,high ... don't ask me the exact specifics I'm sure there are countless sources on the net. But they basically differ in the way Satori can reach in practice and in timing. Zen too, is just a another road that you may travel.

Some will claim their way is better or the proper way but I'll leave that philosophical question for the enlightened to answer.

I do have an affinity to the Dali Llama, maybe it's his high profile and friendly appearance ....

Buddhism's goal is of course for yourself to become enlightened and one with ??? the universe I guess. To do this of course, compassion for others is a big part of this who enlightenment.

Zen is probably the next famous form of Buddhism. The beautiful gardens and strict training.

I'm no where near enlightenment but I like to laugh at the many sects since they seem to be searching for something that is really nothing that is something but is something that they shouldn't be searching for but yet if they don't search for they are headed for hell!

Did that make sense :p

answer: it's right in front of your nose.

I really think the whole mess is just a big pain to put people through on purpose for the fun of it for the higher monks entertainment.

Buddhism is also important for dead people. You marry as a shintoist but die as a buddhist normally in Japan. lolo ... I told you !!! the Monks just love having fun with you all :D

Any way, I hope that this helps.

PS, if you're into C.G. Jung ... the Dali Llama's buddhism just might interest you.


3 Nov 2002
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Buddhism plays a relatively small role in present day Japan. Buddhist funerals and cultural festivals are for the most part the only involvement that the average Japanese person has with the religion. Most Japanese don't attend weekly services like you might find Western Buddhists doing. The most popular tradition of Buddhism in Japan is called Jodo Shinshu, yet in the West the majority of Buddhists following Japanese Buddhism are of the Soto Zen tradition. You had mentioned His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and while his school of Buddhism is Tibetan Vajrayana, there is a tradition of Japanese Buddhism that is similar in many respects. It is called Shingon-shu.

You also mentioned that all traditions of Buddhism are "headed for hell!" and you are free to think what you want. I would just like to say that Buddhism is one of the few religions of the world that would never say that people of other religions are headed for hell. You also mentioned that you think Buddhist monks are just having fun with us. Like it's just a big joke they are playing, or some grand hoax. Once again, you will think what you want, but I have been a monk and practiced in Japanese monasteries, and I assure you that it is nothing of the sort.
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