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10 Mar 2003
So, I should introduce myself?

Well, I'm 22 y.o. clothing and fashion student from Finland and I’m also working as a salesperson in a jewellery and design store. I love arts and music, animals, good food, movies etc...there are so many things.

I have always been interested in Japan and Japanese, but during the past 2 years, I have totally fallen in love with it. I have a passion for learning everything about Japan, and I desperately want to go to Japan. Not for a 2-week holiday trip, but to study (exchange programme etc.) or to work, for example, 6 months period.

I'd be thrilled if I could get some useful information about how to make my dream come true, and of course, new friends are always welcome! ;)
Hi there Chipi,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm sure you'll find all the information you need. :)
Greetings and welcome! Yes, Japan can be a wonderful place and I hope you get the opportunity to go very soon. You'll love it i'm sure.
Konnichiwa Chipi-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite! Please enjoy the forum, there is full of useful information about Japan.;)

..didn’t expect to get so many replies here :eek:
There seems to be loads of really nice people here, I feel like home allready :)
Well, thanks all for welcoming me and it’s nice to "meet" you!
..or should I say hajimemashite too ;)
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