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9 choices for a day trip around Kansai


19 Oct 2015
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You have been living in a succession of days in busy working and suddenly one day your boss tell you that he will generally set you free tomorrow because he has nothing for you to do. There are many other things you want to do but the time is limited. Just reward yourself a day trip around your region. It is just a funny preamble for what we gonna suggest to you right now, 9 amazing scenic choices for your day trip around Kansai region.

Takeno blue grotto


Source: kashimakanko

Toyooka is located in the north of Hyogo with the largest area surrounded by natural sea. They have a unique world called San-in Coast Geopark in the northern part of Toyooka facing Japan sea with many spectacular marine spots for swimming and snorkeling. Specially, you can take a tour with a boat to explore the pristine coastline of Japan sea and discover the beauty inside the rocks here. You will be surely amazed by the landscape of Hasakari dynamic rock running on shoreline with a round rock held midair by two big rocks. The noticeable spot is a blue grotto inside the cave which opened large on a cape of Kirihama with 18 meter in height. If you have ever known about the blue grotto in Italy, you can imagine Takeno blue grotto as its sister. Water from Japan sea gets into the cave and brings on mysterious atmosphere. You will have a chance to live inside the land without the sky and feel its breath with the comfort from crystal blue water waves.

Address: Takenochokirihama, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo - Google Map

Admission: 8500 yen for Blue Cave Snorkeling tour

Homepage: ダイビング シュノーケリング 兵庫 日本海|ダイビングサービスはカシマカンコー

Ikenoyama insect-eaten rock


Source: nippon kichi

It is believed that only human with their wisdom and creation can make masterpiece on rocks but it is really a blunder because nature can also do by its hard working and moving habbit over the long time. Watching Ikenoyama rock, you initially imagine a enormous beehive. Up to the height of about 50 meters, thousands tiny holes densely dot in the surface of rock just like a huge herd of insects have just come here and eaten the rock. Actually, the culprit is not insect but the more good-natured one. These countless holes have been eroded by wind and rain over years. Depending on the structure and substance of rock, wind and water can create different kinds of rock formation. Ikenoyama rock, by that way, take for itself a shirt of worn-eaten form, becoming the famous natural monument around Wakayama.

Address: Ikenoyama, Kozagawa-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama - Google Map

Admission: free

Miyama thatched village


Source: japanguide

In the modern Japan nowadays, you can find out an ancient village as the most visited attraction in Miyama, Kyoto. In the foot of hills and mountains, the village appear and disappear alternately among green trees, revealing grey thatched roofs. Almost all the houses was designed with old thatched roof and have been carefully maintained as a cultural heritage site. Walking around the village, you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and breathtaking views of thatched roofs in a background of mountain. There are small roads running around the village with colorful little flowers in both sides. The garden inside the village has fresh green in spring and red foliage in fall just like a changeable picture. In winter, they will hang up many snow lanterns with warm like that makes a fantastic view around the village. This is really a chance for you to get rid of any electric equipment or social network to immerse to historical space with traditional beauty.

Address: Miyamacho-Kita Nantan-city Kyoto - Google Map

Admission: free

Homepage: 京都美山 かやぶきの里北村

Ako Misaki onsen Ginpa Zhuang Inn


Source: travelrakuten

It is not only the onsen but a dawn of heaven which some TV channel in Japan call it world wonder discovery. The open air bath called Amami of hot water was open in July 2012 with large panoramic to the sea and it only takes about 15 minutes by bus from Banshu Station. When soaking in the hot water, you can overlook to the vast sea surface and feel like there is no border between your bath and the ocean. Sunset view is considered as the treasure of the hot spring. From the large open space, when you see the sun gradually fall to the sea, you feel it is pouring a liquid of orange to the water and it spread out to your position like you are bathing in the sunshine liquid. It is surely a memorable experience to enjoy sunset from this open air onsen.

Address: Misaki, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture 678-0215 - Direction - Google Map

Open time: 11:00 am to 20:00 pm

Homepage: 赤穂温泉 絶景露天風呂の宿 銀波荘|公式サイト【最低価格保証】

Tanise suspension bridge


Source: tsunagujapan

This spot is a little more thriller than other mentioned ones. Looking from the distance, the bridge is very frail like a couple of threads connecting two mountains. Is is a kind of suspension bridge that connects Uenoji and Tanize with the length of 297 meters and the height of 54 meters over the Kumano river. The bridge used to be the training place for Japanses Ninja even before 1954. That is why it is not for someone who is chicken-hearted. Certainly it is safe for you to cross but can make you scary sometimes by shaking when you are walking. It is truely an exciting experience like you are walking through the air. Skipping this negative feeling, you will expose in the vast view of the high mountains surrounding and the long sparkling river under your feet.

Address: Tanize, Totsukawa-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara-ken, Japan - Google Map

Homepage: 【十津川村観光協会】 谷瀬の吊り橋

Hashikui rocks


Hashikui is one of the most unique rock formation around Wakayama with more than 40 rocks of different sizes together lining up a row which runs from land to Oshima island. According to Japanse legend, it was built by Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism after being challenged by a monster to build a bridge across the sea. Due to the act of sabotage from the monster, he could not complete the bridge and then the bridge only ran to the middle of sea. Whether the legend is true or not, it has has been designated as a national natural treasure nowadays. Watching the row of rocks in sunset glow, you feel that they are old men sitting in a row among the sea and silently enjoy the sunset, thinking about circulations of Creator. You can understand why poets have continuously talked about the soul of rocks.

Address: Kujinokawa, Kushimoto, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture - Google Map

Homepage: 串本町観光協会公式ホームページ|和歌山県南紀串本の旅・観光・宿泊・イベント・グルメ案内

Engetsuto island


Engetsuto is a small island extending 130 meters from north to south, 35 meter from east to west with 25 meter height. It is an other rock formation which is considered as the symbol of Wakayama. The island has been designated as the Place of Scenic Beauty of Japan.. The island is unique by the hole in the middle taking shape by falling rocks due to wind and wave and the structure of conglomerate, sandstone, and siltstone. The hole is called Perfect moon island because its shape is round like a moon. From this hole, in some moment of a day, you can see the sun or the moon like a dazzling pearl born by the ocean. This place is selected to be one of 100 best rising suns and evening suns in Japan.

Address: Nishimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan - Google Map

Homepage: 白浜観光協会公式サイト | 南紀白浜観光ガイド | 海と温泉のリゾート

Soni plateau


Source: kansai

Located in the remote part of northern Nara Prefecture, near the border with Mie Prefecture, Soni plateau is the heaven of pampas grass in late autumn in early October to November. Pampas here is a kind of tall susuki which spread down to the area of 38 hectares over the west facing slope of mountain peaks with about 700 meter high above the sea level. In the past, in every plains, they used to be used as roofing material by the nearby Soni Town making a field of susuki grass. Time has gone by, modern houses have replaced thatched houses, susuki grass remains their and share there land for sugi pine. Their is also trails around the mountain for hiking to the first peak of over 100 meters. It is a not bad experience to walking among the whisper of pampas grass in light breeze.

Address: Uda District, Nara Prefecture, Japan - Google Map

Homepage: [曽爾村、曽爾高原]大阪、三重からも近く、曽爾高原やお亀の湯、香落渓などののんびり楽しめる曽爾村の観光情報が満載!

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge


Source: bridgeinfo

Last by not least, we suggest Akashi Kaikyo Bridge for your unforgettable day trip in Kansai region. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world and many Japan’s greatest architecture which was constructed by 2 million workers with 6 lanes made from 181,000 tonnes of steel and 1.4million cubic metres of concrete, linking the island of Awaji and the mainland city of Kobe over a distance of four miles. You can enjoy magnificent view from the top of the Bridge tower high 300 meters above the sea. From here, Awaji Island, Shodoshima and even Kansai International Airport can be seen. You feel like being taken to midair by not only an excellent construction of Japan but by the will and power of Japanese.

Address: Tarumi Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 655-0047, Japan - Google Map

Admission for tour: 3000 yen for adults and 1500 yen for junior high school students

Homepage: 明石海峡大橋ブリッジワールド:世界最長の吊橋を体験しよう!-JB本四高速-
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