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51.6% oppose SDF dispatch to Iraq but Cabinet support up


17 Jan 2004

Members of the Ground Self-Defense Force's advance team drive their light armored vehicles in a convoy from Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base to the U.S. military's Camp Virginia in Kuwait.

People opposing the dispatch of Self-Defense Force troops to Iraq for humanitarian operations outnumbered those supporting it in a Kyodo News opinion poll taken over the weekend.

The news agency said Sunday that of 1,084 randomly selected eligible voters who responded to the telephone poll, 51.6 percent said they oppose the SDF dispatch, while 42.8 percent expressed support and the remaining 5.6 percent either said they did not know or did not give an answer to the question.

Japan Times
Someone had the idea.....

about a letter writing campaign to the people going over. I bet they all will have access to E-Mail over there. It would be kinda neat to be able to correspond with them. If anyone has a way to get in touch with them let me know please.


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