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5 abductees return to Japan after 24 years


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14 Mar 2002


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Can't stop by the links today but ...
TV was flooded all day with news and reports about this according to my wife.

It seems that no information will be released directly from the victims to the news media. I had thought they would've gone through brain washing or what not, but it seems a technique much more simpler is being used .... coercion.

The 5's family and other victims that are still in North Korea are depending on how little the 5 speak of what happened.

The news mentioned that visa's is what is holding up the 5's family from coming to Japan.

hmmm ...
We also discussed the issue and reached the same conclusion. Home is where your family's waiting for you. Anyhow, I'm sure that Japanese intelligence will be quite busy during the next 2 weeks.


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@ tidbits

I just watched a news report and a good 5 minutes was dedicated to what they ate and what thier reactions were.

The report then went on to interview the group leader of the Japan-side family members committee and how happy he was and such.

The wrap up ended with how their will difficulities with the remaing family members and possibly alive abduction victims.

hmmm ... I do hope a mutually agreeable conclusion will be ironed out quickly.
Can somebody please explain something to me? I watch NHK news everynight, but due to my limited Japanese language skills, I can only understand so much.

I have this question:

Why do they have to return to North Korea? I know the abductees have children in NK, but if they didn't, why would they still have to return? Unless I understood the news anchor wrong, I believed he said "The abductees must return to NK after only 2 weeks". Why do they have to go back!??!!? WHy can't they stay in Japan? I guess what I'm really trying to ask is...WHY DON'T THEY HAVE A CHOICE????? I think this is VERY sad. I admit, I do get a bit tearie-eyed when I see the abductees on TV crying with their families in their hometowns.
Well, we don't know what Japan and NK agreed on so far. I guess the abductees are just at the mercy of secret diplomacy. Besides, 24 years (of silent indoctrination) is a terribly long time.

On a side note: the question is if NK can really be trusted. They just admitted to having continued their nuclear program in clandestine after 1994 when they promised to give up their WMD projects. NK is one of the world's largest suppliers of weapons (with Iraq and other so-called "rogue nations" on their list), so I'm wondering if George Bush isn't targetting the wrong rogue.

Statement of his security advisor on why Saddam is still the prime target: "Hussein is in a category by himself as still the only leader to have actually used a weapon of mass destruction against his own people, against his neighbors," Rice said. "and of course he sits in the Middle East in a very volatile region."

A category by himself, aso...

All J-media jumped on the following story, some brains were washed:

Abductee's brother bewildered by his pro-North Korea behavior

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=1&id=235163

It's the guy shown in this thread's first post.
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I didn't catch that bit about returning. If it's true I bet it was the visa thing I picked up half way. Maybe they didn't get permenat visas.

brainwashed and being protective of his family I bet. Besides, 20+ years can't be just put aside like nothing happened. I'm beginning to feel sorry for all these folks.

**** all that any of these folks have to do is go blabbing to relatives who'll go blabbing to the press and good load of **** will go down. Japan is always ready for a good bit of gossip. ****, I bet the North Koreans know this and specifically set the situation such that they could maintain a bit of control and at the same time still hold a winning hand at the bargaining table.

North Korea needs to get into the world community and this is a great first step. They fess up and return abuctees, let the world check their weapons development build trust and then land **** loads of cash from the US and Japan.

I truly hope that North Korea comes into the fold. It's about time that another strong hold folds and moves into the psudo democratic world.
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