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30 year old love song?

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
About 30 years ago I fell in love with a song about falling snow and love. I have two 8-track tapes with the title of the song in Japanese on the lables. I can't read them, but one of you may be able to translate. I can scan them into an E-Mail to someone if anyone would like to tell me the name of the song and also who wrote (sang) it.
It went something like-yuki wa furu anata kona ie. Maybe if I can find out in English the name of the song; I can search for a copy to buy.
Anyone want to give translation a try, let me know about E-Mailing the info to you.


I can probably find the info in 5 minutes if you upload the scan here... I already think I know who and what...
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