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3 Articles On Japan


8 Oct 2002
The New-York-Time has 3 articles on Japan;

1)Japan Faces Burden: Its Own Defense
(By HOWARD W. FRENCH) July 21,2003

2) Insular Japan Needs, but Resists, Immigration
(By HOWARD W. FRENCH) July 24,2003

3) Japan's Neglected Resource: Female Workers
(By HOWARD W. FRENCH) July 25,2003

Anybody read it ?

Any comments ?

Yes, I have. 1) I don't know much about, but myself and others have been pointing to the obvious, ie. 2) and 3) for years. Yeah us! I think they are still online at www.nytimes.com Go to the "International" section (link on a bar on the left side)and they should be there. They are not long either. Have a look.
Oh! I forgot I put that up! Thanks for taking a look. Though my spelling and grammar points to the opposite often enough, I am form the US and a native speaker. Actually went to University up in Greenville SC (NOT Bob Jones, so only one left). I guess it is a little confusing because of my "location/nationality" entry. I get by with my Japanese, but I would like to improve. Enough about me...

Yes, the news does get to be a bit fun from time to time.
3 Article/But More Fun This

I have several e-mail-people in JAPAN

In my spare time at lunch I teach them AMERICAN-SLANG,

They teach me, about Japan, the culture, the attitude and interest exc. exc. exc. exc.

Its a hobby. I have 3 people that this is working well with.

My English is very "Slangish" and Southern.

NOTE 1: I lived in Malaysia for 2 years (Peace-Corp)

NOTE 2: I have never been to Japan.

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