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2pac movie!


6 Nov 2003
Here comes Tupac Resurrection!!! He talks about his life story in this movie. In HIS OWN WORDS!! COMING OUT NOV 14 in theatres near you!

So I wonder whose idea it was to martyr both Pac and Biggie? Sure seems to me like they've gotten more mainstream media exposure (docudramas, unreleased tracks, etc. etc.) after their passing than they ever did when they were alive... I sure hope their families are at least benefitting from all this somehow and not just the corporate labels pushing the product trying to capitalize on their martyrdom.
Yes, I believe it is from his mom. In fact, there's a section on there were she tells his history and background (even including some of his writings), as well as her experiences with the Black Panthers before his birth. I thought it was a pretty interesting site. I was actually trying to find another site of his that I had seen before, but I couldn't remember the name of it!

I would love to see his movie. I definitely liked the trailer for it. If you happen to see the movie right away, let us know what you think of it, okay?

"he is the best rapper ever been"

Lyrically I would agree but for style and delivery as well as overall showmanship, I gotta go with Snoop. I had a chance to see both perform live back in the day (Pac at the Budweiser Superfest in St. Louis and Snoop several times over the last decade in various cities) and nobody could work a crowd like the Dogg could.
I will Satori...

I think Snoop is pretty good but not as good as tupac. dont know why I think because of his bad reputation..
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