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26h Plane ride


23 Oct 2003
I've never been on a plane before. Its going to be a 26 hour ride so I need to know what's to do on a plane? I'll probably be on that cheap part of it not first class. Is it true that they show you movies to past the time?

How much stuff can you bring with you?

Supposedly I'm going to Japan in April for a year so I don't really know what I should or shouldn't bring.
Got to go to New Zealand on a plane, 30 hour flight, its going to be a real pain sitting down for that long. I think you can bring small stuff(CD players, mags, etc).

flying in a WWI single engine bi-plane or making 20 stops on the way ??
I would think time in the air would be more like 10 or 12 hours. Usually they show 1 movie to kill time. You could study & read & sleep.
The airport can give you an idea how much your bag can weigh. Usually where you buy suitcases, they have a little metal cage. If the suitcase fits inside of it , it will be OK as carry-on. Don't forget you have to figure in time-zone changes and jet-lag when you travel.
You could always take a girl-friend with you and make out under a blanket on the airplane to make the time go by !! Sure hope you make it !!


Re: EITHER YOU"RE .......

Originally posted by Frank D. White
flying in a WWI single engine bi-plane or making 20 stops on the way ??
I would think time in the air would be more like 10 or 12 hours.


I just went on expedia and they said it would take 26 hours about with Air Canada
That must be figuring in stops along the way? I know that a nonstop flight from D.C. to Tokyo will take 12-14 hours. That's nonstop--without layovers.
luc cds and headphones are always a good idea, also if you have a handheld game thing that would be nice, a deck of cards and a book or two are good ideas as well.
from lax to auckland is 14 hours nonstop :)
they show 3 movies during that time, usually whats playing a the dollar theater so in some cases you will see movies before they actually come out in theaters in new zealand.
7:30 am Depart Ottawa
Arrive Tokyo 3:25 pm +1 day
Duration: 17hr 55min Air Canada 163 / 3
Connect in Vancouver

Does that mean its from Ottawa to Vancouver to Tokyo?

If so Ottawa to Vancouver wouldn't be that many hours so it would still be a long flight to Tokyo.

Thanks for the pass time info. I wouldn't have though of playing cards.

The thing that worries me is how much crap I can bring to Japan for my stay.
Luc, yes, you will have a stopover in Vancouver... All flights to japan from air canada start at Vancovuer. From Vancouver to Tokyo, it's about 10 hours approx I think... From Ottawa to Vancouver, approx 5.
Make sure you get your seat assignments as soon as possible, and get a window seat. Being stuck in the middle of a wide-body aircraft for 10 hours is a real bummer. You should be able to make seat assignments six months ahead of time.

Bring a good book, CD player, CD's. You may have a Japanese person next to you who can help you with your Japanese!

Bring a blinfold and earplugs. You will want to catch a nap and these things help.

A few snacks are a good idea too.

Yes, they show movies, but call Reservations and find out if they charge for headphones.

How much stuff you can bring - it depends on if they let you take one or two carry-ons. All the stuff you bring must fit into you carry-ons. Call Reservations, and they will tell you the size limitations on carry-ons. It does differ slightly from airline to airline. (I have flown across the Pacific many times to and from Japan, and I also used to work Airline Reservations.)

Any more questions? Please feel free to ask.
yuh if they do charge, you can plug your regular headphones in to the jack, on some airlines anyway and they work fine and for free :) and yeah those lil trays are just big enough to play solitaire on.
Are you worried about transporting stuff to Japan?

I do not know about from Canada, but from the USA mailing stuff by surface-mail is pretty cheap - check it out. What kind of stuff do you want to take?
Is there a electricity plug at each seat? Since if I bring my portable dvd player it would need a plug for my AC

Just have the stewedess plug it in the gally down back !! JUST KIDDING !!!!


Sorry, no electricity plug at each seat. Anything you bring needs to have its own batteries.
@ Frank : Ahh you and your extention cords :p

@ Buntaro : Thanks for the info this helps a lot
They always show 2 movies on the long flights. When they charge 4 dollars for a headset, I always refuse. I just put on my earphones, listen to some great music on my CD player, and make up the dialogue in my head for the movie I can see right in front of me. It's actually a lot of fun!
HEY LUC.....

last time I flew, I took my scanner radio(my hobby) . The stewardess had never seen one before & got all shook up that I could listen to the pilots and tower talk. She went running to the flight captain to see if it should be taken from me; luckly he knew it was no big deal and told her to relax. With all the terroist warning, you never know what will get security wond-up!
Make sure you take a camera so you can take lots of pictures to show us !!


Originally posted by Luc
Is there a electricity plug at each seat? Since if I bring my portable dvd player it would need a plug for my AC

Certain Air Canada flights have electrical plugs... but usually only for business class. I've never seen any in economy.
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