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2003 Yukata fashion competition photos

Craig Fryer

5 Dec 2002
I thought many of you would be interested in the photo report on the 2003 Yukata Fashion Competition.

You can see all the details at japaneselifestyle.com.au
Great site! I was unfamiliar with it and i'm glad you brought it to my attention :cool:. The Yukata pics are very nice with some really crisp and clear images that nicely highlight the various patterns and styles showcased. From what i've seen though, it would definitely be hard to pick a winner as they all looked really nice.
Yeah, I am definitely a sucka for a girl in a yukata or a kimono, I don`t know what it is about that wafuku, but it is no doubt straight up sexy......In the summer time at all the fireworks there is always a massive amount of girls wearing yukatas....I don`t know what I`m watching more, the fire works or the yukatas... haha I know I`m pretty crazy huh.......
Thanks for your kind words about the photos.

This year at the 2003 Japan Festival they are planning to have full on kimono fashion competition. We hope to obtain lots of great pictures from this special event. You can see more about last years Japan Festival at japaneselifestyle.com.au/japanfestival
Nice pics, Craig! I noticed your page became pretty comprehensive. :)
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