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2.5 Month Stay in Kyoto


7 Sep 2008
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Hello, I am new here and hoping some experts can answer some questions I have about staying in Kyoto for 2.5 months. Any input would be very much appreciated as I do not know anyone who has lived or currently lives in Japan. :)

Here's some background info: My boyfriend and I have always really wanted to visit Japan. Current circumstances have made it that he and I can go to Japan around the end of October and stay until mid-January. We both only have US passports, so we do not want to push it quite to three months, the maximum allowable time on a passport. We do not plan on working (although he will be working from the Internet here and there) in Japan, only visiting for sightseeing, tourism, vacation stuff, etc. After doing some research, we have decided we would like to stay in Kyoto.

here are my questions:

1) The biggest one - where to stay? I have been reading some about gaijin houses but my concern is that they are set up more like dormitories or hostels. Money isn't so much a concern for us and we would strongly prefer living in a private apartment with our own kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc. Does anyone know of any private apartment type set up like this Kyoto? Can we get a place like that for 2.5 months?

2) my boyfriend has an online business that he will be maintaining/working on from the computer while we are in Japan. Would he need a visa for this? Due to the nature of his business, he would not be employed by a company/business in Japan - it's strictly through the Internet and we are US citizens.

Any input would be VERY much appreciated!!! Thanks!! :)
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