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1942-3 bernard rossiter clements??? do you know him?


14 Jan 2004
can anyone help??? i am looking for a japannese lady who knew my grandfather in 1942-3??? his name was bernard rossiter clements, he was approximately 5"6 tall with blue/grey eyes, slim/muscular build and quite handsome, he was posted and was there for two or three years where i believe he met and fell in love with a japannese lady, apparently she was very beautiful and the affair lasted for a couple of years, my father tells me the affair went on whilst his parents were married, now- as an only child he would very much like to know if he has any japanese half-brothers or sisters, i suppose they would be approximately 60 years old by now, both of his parents are long dead and this would mean so much to him, my father has a picture of the lady and is going to give it to me to post on the net, so that if anyone recognises her to please contact me, i will also find a good picture of my grandfather and try and attach it as well, if you are half-japannese and this story sounds familiar and his name fits, please please please contact us, it is only my father, myself and my brother left of my fathers family and it would mean alot to us to have another relative, he has asked me to post this and feels that he may definitely have half-japanese relatives from overheard conversations from his parents, although it was never discussed directly with him, hope to hear from someone soon.
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