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18yr old American College Student here...

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2 Jul 2003
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Hi I'm Tom and I live in Florida, USA. I'm a college student majoring in Computer Animation at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.

I have many interestes (including Japan) and I enjoy meeting new people. I found these forums mainly to seek some answers prior to my trip to Japan, and I am glad to meet all of you.

You can check out my Profile for more info on me, or just eMail or Instant Message me.

It would be nice to make some more Japanese friends!

Here is a picture of me!

If you live in Tokyo, please check out this thread I started in the People Search forum:
TOKYO OR CHIBA: Looking for someone my age to show me around!

Greetings and welcome. Damn... at 18 I was still tooling around town in my pos VW rabbit. 8-p Glad to have you onboard.
Konnichiwa RotaryPower-san!

Hi Tom, welcome and Hajimemashite. FD is my best Japanese car! ;)
Yoroshiku ne!🙂

thanks everyone!

lol iron chef - don't worry its not my 1st car! i am working 2 jobs and paying off a loan so i can have this car! ;)
should go to osaka first, but that's just my opinion :)
good luck!
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