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Job Offers 18th Dec. Urgent Recruiting: Participants for evacuation drill @ Kyoto Hotel Okura


Nov 10, 2017
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Urgent Recruiting: Participants for evacuation drill
Evacuation drill for communication of disaster information and evacuation

We are currently in charge of the management of evacuation drills of the
Fire and Disaster Management Agency.
Release of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency:

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency is preparing guidelines on
evacuation guidance for foreigners, disabled people, elderly people, etc.,
and hold drills with using the latest IT tools of multiple companies.

Recruiting of participants
Currently, we are looking for people from different countries who can participate in evacuation drills of the following schedule.
For those who can participate, please fill out the necessary information on
the following participation application form and submit.
We are waiting for your participations!

18th Dec. (Monday) AM11:30 - PM3:00 @ Kyoto Hotel Okura
5,000 yen (※ Including transportation expenses, excluding children)

Writing materials
There is a possibility of downloading a specific application at evacuation

Since the numbers of participants are limited, we handle inquiries on a
first-come and first-served basis.
We will inform fixed participants the details.
End time may be extended.

■Evacuation drill application form
E-mail address, place you want to join, name, affiliation (company name /
school name), nationality / region, native language, phone number,
availability of smartphone,

contact information
1-6-3 Nihonbashi Muromachi Chuo-ku, Tokyo Yamamoto Building annex 8F
PIJIN Co., Ltd. Evacuation drill
MAIL: pijin-fdma@qrtranslator.com