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16th and 17th century kimonos


8 Jan 2004
Hello! I am trying to obtain or find information pertaining to the aquisition of the titled kimonos. I'm looking for kimonos that have a similar style and fabric to the ones shown in the NHK Taiga dramas (Musashi's simple black kimono and haori would be an example.) Thus far, I can only seem to find more contemporary ones with ornate designs which is far from what I seek. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so any information on vendors in that area would be particularly useful. Thanks in advance!
your best bet would be to look on the internet for vendors and then go and see them in person.

I went to san fran back in 1995, during my time there I picked up a Yukatta style Kimono in JAPAN TOWN, it could be the best place to start... did you know there was a JAPAN TOWN in SF?
Yes in fact I do and I very much love it. I hadn't checked there but had planned to do so. As far as the internet is concerned I've had difficulty finding sites that feature "sengoku" era kimonos. Thanks for your reply!
I believe the Kinokuniya shopping center (in SF) has at least one store with items like those. It's rather small, but has a reasonable selection.
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