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11 digit number for the masses


15 Apr 2002
Surprised this hasn't been picked up yet.

Japan is "going to" implement a Social Security like number to it's people.

ok, I'm not completely sure this is going to happen or not but the news is full of it recently.

Problems that many are complaing that "personal privacy" is going to be impacted upon. You've got police in Kumamoto-Ken who have free access to citizens records and what not going on.

Of course, nobody mentions that the Japanese internet is still very young and full of security holes.

Hmmm ... I don't mind the number so much, I'm much more worried about the privacy issues. Japan used to be very easy to get any information you want about people at the city office. It was just a simple form you had to fill out. those days have passed but still.

I've also had checks by the police about who was living in my apartment. Nothing bad, just standard procedure.
hmmm I've been wondering about that.

I already have a number and a while back finger printing was no longer necessary. Great, they already have mine so no difference.

I'm a registered Alien.
:) like I said above. Their internet security is still infatile compared to the US.

Here's some more. Aparently, Fujitsu threatened the government that if they don't use their system they'll like IP numbers and such to North Korea. I'm not sure this is related to the 11 digits but still ... I like their mentality ;)

Also, this new system pretty much came out of the blue. People have already begun to get their numbers. So, much of the populace is surprised and even the TV reporters.

hmmmmm ....
Oh course it's blackmail. Pretty cool business practice. For once the government gets blackmailed instead of the government blackmailing the businesses.


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hehe, first screw ups already showing up.

I saw on the news where a town got 9 and 10 digit numbers. They were supposed to be 11 digits ;)

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