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15 Nov 2002
Infotainment alert: :D

This study is flawed, since it doesn't take into account the high amount that malpractice insurance takes upon surgeons and the medical community, which is forcing many leading doctors to take lesser positions in order to avoid the high risk practices that is currently very difficult in the US currently....
Not to mention that many of the folks in residency also must pay back the medical school they owe when they first start out, after spending their 8-12 years in training.
Really is too bad that msn news is really adding more hype than actual fact in a jazzed up report that's more infotainment than actual news....

makes me wonder about the other industries they are talking about.....and why take results from two years ago....? surely there is a more recent statistical study they could have used for the sucky economy we have today....

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