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News 金 Kanji of the year 2016


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14 Mar 2002
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金 (kin gold or kane money) has been selected the kanji best symbolising the mood of the Japanese in the year 2016, a Kyoto-based kanji promotion organization reported on December 12. Kin was probably chosen thanks to the 12 gold medals Japanese athletes won in this year's Olympic Games in Rio, while others stated Mr Trump's "golden hair" or the political and financial scandal around former Tokyo mayor Mr Mazusoe. It was the third time the kanji 金 had been selected (after 2000 and 2012). Every year the Japanese public is invited to suggest the kanji they deem most representative of the current year. Out of 153,562 suggestions this year kin received 6,655 votes.


Kanji meaning gold or money picked as best symbolizing 2016 | The Japan Times

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