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Question 空いた お皿 を お下げ します - Can somebody explain お下げ in this sentence?


29 Sep 2018
The dictionaries I use all define お下げ as "wearing one's hair in braids". Yet the sentence is translated as "I'll clear away the empy plates". I understand all of it except for お下げ. It MUST mean "to clear away" yet I've only ever found it defined as "wearing one's hair in braids". Can anyone explain this for me?
Ahh, my apologies for such a basic and silly question. I use Rikaichan and I could have sworn that hovering over お下げ without the "お" gave no different result, but now I see that it does and 下げる means to clear away (plates). Once again my apologies and thank you for the quick response, I understand it now, お simply being used as a honourific prefix.
Incidentally, the etymology of a hair style おさげ(often written all in hiragana) is also the same. It's from "polite prefix お + -masu stem of 下げる". The -masu stem is used as the noun form of (髪を)下げる here.
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